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In 2011, Heavy Lift Logistics was funded focusing on the transportation segment and on the movement of super-heavy indivisible loads (cargo projects) in maritime, fluvial, and road modalities in the Northern Region of Brazil, in addition to the exclusive representation of NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES in everything that refers to the cargo freight project.


From 2017 on, with the increase of investments in heavy transport, the company also began to operate in other regions, transporting the indivisible loads of the main infrastructure projects in Brazil.


In 2020, already having adopted the fantasy name Macz Heavy Lift and due to the significant expansion of the business, MACZ HEAVY LIFT and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES decided to invest together and created the brand PRATES HEAVY LIFT, focused on logistics solutions in the Northern Region of Brazil, providing logistics services such as highway and river transportation; crane and forklift rental.

Back to the origins: In 2022, there was a new change in the trading name. The company changed its name to Heavy Lift Logistica LTDA.

Service area
All regions of Brazil

Road transport of indivisible heavy and super-heavy loads unit weight up to 500 tons (Roadtrain, B-train, 20' and 40' container carrier, conventional trailer, extensive trailers, 03 axles planks, 04 axles, and 06 axles, Modular trailer axle lines, and Gantry Hydraulic Crane rental, rated capacity up to 300 tons).


Northern Brazil / Amazon Basin / Peru and Colombia (Service offered through PRATES HEAVY LIFT)

- River transport with a dedicated ferry, up to 4,150 tons;
- Launch of optic fiber cables / underwater cables / underwater pipelines in the Amazon Basin’s rivers;
- Engineering services applied to projects;
- Landscaping services.


Heavy Lift Business Policy

- Provide qualified services, safety, and fair price to the customers;
- Improve the relationship, motivation and information of employees, aiming at the continuous improvement of the work environment, consequently investing in better results;
- Apply the best service practices reducing any failure;
- Obtain full customer satisfaction and turn them into medium and long-term partners;
- Establish and design new programs for the continuous improvement of processes.




Heavy transport in the Amazon with MacZ Heavy Lift and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES

We have an experienced team and high capacity machines such as reinforced barges for the transport of project cargo and GOLDHOFER axle trailers with a capacity of up to 45 tons per axle. Since 2011, the company Heavy Lift and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES have been working in partnership in the transport of indivisible cargo/project cargo for the electric power sector in the northern region of Brazil.


The first and largest project carried out jointly in the area of super-heavy indivisible loads for the energy sector was the transportation of transformers with a unit weight of up to 280 tons for hydroelectric plants in Porto Velho in the state of Rondônia in the years 2011 to 2013.


Subsequently, HEAVY LIFT and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES also carried out the transport of superheavy indivisible loads with unit weights up to 257 tons to the Mauá III Thermoelectric Power Plant in Manaus in the State of Amazonas, from 2013 to 2016.


In 2018, HEAVY LIFT and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES have carried out 17 large ferry trips and hundreds of road trips transporting loads with unit weights up to 343 tons (transformers) to the Substation of the transmission lines of BELO MONTE HYDRELETRIC POWER PLANT.


At the beginning of 2019, it was the turn of HEAVY LIFT and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES to contribute to the generation of energy in Colombia by transporting part of a Thermoelectric Power Plant on the way from Manaus/AM to Leticia in Colombia, and in the same year have been in charge of the loading transport for another 9 thermoelectric plants in several cities in the interior of the Amazonas State, such as Carauari, Jutaí, São Paulo de Olivença, Santo Antonio do Içá, Tocantins, Uarini, Japurá.


In 2020 and 2021, Heavy Lift and NAVEGAÇÃO PRATES carried out the transport of pieces with a unit weight of up to 16 tons for thermoelectric plants in the states of Amazonas and Roraima (Jaguatirica II thermoelectric plant, Silves thermoelectric plant in Campo de Azulão, thermoelectric plant Rorainópolis, Cantá Thermoelectric Power Plant, Bonfim Thermoelectric Power Plant). Dozens of transformers with a unit weight of up to 265 tons were also transported for various power transmission line projects in the northern region of Brazil.

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